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Exhibition 100% Design Moscow


Interior + Design Magazine and Organizing Committee of 100% Design Moscow Exhibition announced a contest for the best interior design project
Created in Russia

100% Design Moscow Exhibition will take place in the Gostiny Dvor from 10th till 13th March 2005. 6 projects which have been selected to the final of the contest will be presented at the exhibition.

Preliminary selection of the projects will be conducted by Russian experts. International jury which will estimate the winner will encompass world design stars, like Tom Dixon and others.
One winner-project will be exposed at the special stand of 100% Design Exhibition in London in September 2005.

1. Background and Goals of the Contest

100% Design Exhibition, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2004, is the leading world event for those designers who have been walking along the path of realization and implementation of their own innovative ideas in the area interior design. This model of design business widely spread in Europe has been gaining more attention of Russian designers as the means of direct communication between designer and advanced design-oriented consumer, as well as the designers brand creation and promotion means.

The main purpose of the contest Created in Russia is discovering and promoting new names in the Russian design, contributing to the creation and development of independent designers brands highly demanded on the international market. This contest is aimed at assisting Russian designers get involved into advanced design process and establish fruitful contacts with European contract manufacturers and distributors of designers products.

2. Contest Theme

Participation in the contest is admitted with the projects of interior objects: furniture, lightning and home and office accessories.

3. Participants

All practicing designers, design studios and architectural bureaus conducting their activity in the territory of Russia are invited to participate in the contest.

4. Experts Council and Jury work

Experts Council of the Contest (conducts selection of the projects for the short-list): Editorial Board of Interior + Design magazine.
Jury of the Contest (estimates 5 finalists and the winner):
Chairman of the Jury: Dixon Tom, Tunisia

Tom Dixon was born in Sphax, Tunisia in 1959. He was taught in the arts school in Chelsea, but by that time he was not going to be a designer. Tom wanted to be a musician and he was a professional musician from 21 till 23 years old. He recorded an album with orchestra "Funkapolitan" in the studio of Jimmy Hendricks in New York. It was in 1982 when hip-hop and rap had been just born. During that time he started managing rap clubs in London club sphere. Unfortunate bike accident interrupted his bass-guitarist career and made him leave the orchestra.
Instead of all that he spent a lot of time working for various night clubs. When Tom was an owner of the discotheque in Berkley he had to renovate the premises, for example making welding works. It brought back him to the craft and making design projects.
Visitors and guests were mostly involved into the photo-making or music and other artistic fields and requests for bigger quantity of the projects were coming constantly. Projecting was consuming all time and Tom decided to devote himself to design. Very soon Tom became one of the most avant-garde designers constantly using new materials or suggesting original ideas.
Initially Tom created Eurohall in 1992

Tom Dixon is teaching in the Royal Arts College, Kingston Polytechnical and Plymouth University. In 1998 he was appointed design chief of the British "Habitat".

Members of the Jury: Patron of the exhibition 100% Design Ien Radge; last year winner of the contest of Interior + Design magazine and exhibition 100% Design Konstantin Larin famous architect and designer.

Members of the Experts council and Jury will consider correspondence of the works presented for the contest to its conditions and will evaluate the works basing on the genuineness of the works as well as aesthetical and functional aspects. Decisions are taken by majority of the members present.

Those participants whose works are included into the short-list will be notified about it in 10 days time from the moment of Experts Council decision has been made.

Five participants whose works are selected for the final will be notified in 10 days time from the moment Jurys decision has been made. Finalists will have to prepare additional presentation of their projects in the form of high-quality printings with high resolution and animation 3-D clip in compliance with the technical task of the organizing committee. Should any of the finalists refuse to prepare the presentation, the Jury leaves the right to nominate the strongest candidate from the short-list to this position.
The winner of the contest will be announced during 100% Design Moscow Exhibition taking place from the 10th till13th March 2005. The exact date and time of the contest results announcement will be specified additionally. The winner of the contest is to produce a prototype of the object at his/her expense by the date agreed with the organizing committee. The organizing committee of the contest will contribute to the implementation of the winners project excluding financing. Should the winner refuse from producing a prototype, the Jury leaves the right to nominate the strongest candidate from the list of finalists to this position.

5. Contest Results and Awards

The main prize is the right to demonstrate prototype of the object awarded in this contest at the 100% Design Exhibition in London which will take place from the 22nd till 25th September 2005. The Organizing Committee pays for the winners trip to the Exhibition, covers transportation costs of the prototype and pays for the exhibition space. The Organizing Committee provides information, visa and organizational support, provides assistance in establishing contacts with the manufacturers and distributors. The contest winner will be included into the Experts Council of the next contest.

All finalists will be awarded with honored diplomas of the contest and valuable gifts. Those projects which get into the final of the contest as well as information about the authors will be published in the special September issue of the magazine Interior + Design arranged for 100% Design in London. Authors of the projects included into the shortlist will awarded with diplomas.

Presentation of the contest results will be organized during 100% Design Moscow Exhibition in March 205 and 100% Design in September 2005. Invitations to the presentation will be provided to the members of the Experts Council and Jury of the contest as well as to the representatives of business and mass media.

Celebration party will take place on the 11th March 2005 at 19.00 in the showroom of the exhibition partner Company SOLO




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