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Creative Loft Office+ Icons of Soviet Design

2012-06-01 Last events

On May, 15-17
one of the brightest and most anticipated business events took place at the Center for Design and Architecture Artplay, the annual Office Next Moscow Session. The Session brought together three major events: an exhibition Office Next Trends 2012, Office Next Talks conference and awards ceremony Best Office Awards

Artplay guests were able to estimate the diversity of the projects that were presented at the exhibition by leading companies. Solo Office Interiors Company approached the issue of non-standard design of the stand by implementing the idea of a unique Loft-office settled on an exhibition space.

«Creative Loft Office. Work and leisure under one roof.

Today modern person can't present itself out of the office. Cities are full of business centers, and every manager strives to create comfortable space for the employees. People spending almost all their time at work or at home, appearing in the offices once a week to discuss the results of their work and work of their colleagues, often in an informal setting. The boundaries between "work day" and "free time" are becoming increasingly blurred. Managers are trying to minimize the problems with the pressures of the office life dynamics. Increasingly, they applying the idea of a workspace arrangement in «casual» style by creating recreation areas, fitness spaces, even allowing the possibility to spend the night in the ofice to find solutions for the important question, or completing the project. The famous Google office in Zurich is the most known standart of such idea. 

Solo Office Interiors introduced to Artplay guest an office in which employees can not only work but also spend some time in a creative search for new ideas and solutions. The concept of the stand itself was prompted because of the Design Center Artplay, a classic loft, filled with architectural design studios and agencies. We assume that this loft-office of the creative architect or the head of the design center. Keeping the necessary items of office interior and provide it with a familiar household things or their images, we got a unique design solution for office space. " 

With the architect Ilya Sazhin, we developed the concept of the style of the Soviet period. The old stuff, the icons of Soviet design, such as tumbler doll, avoska, condensed milk cans, old radiogram, and even dandy found their place on the shelves of modern office furniture. 

"Maybe we feel that these things have the memory that we can't find in our fast moving times. The memory that all these things seemed so significant in the past. And we are keeping it because they give us the opportunity to feel somewhat whole, to extend the chain of memories and share it with someone your age, even someone completely unknown. They can give us an opportunity to say: "Do you remember, there were such things ...". These things become a bridge to the past, at which we can meet and smile to each other, even to a stranger and feel yourself a little younger once again. 

They will leave us one day, everything goes away. Recent will take place on the shelves in museums. But it will be in a future. But now they can live their own, very special life with us. We make them part of the new instead of abaddon it. Save their images next to the new modern things. Because actually we can not escape new things. You can not live by your memory. The road to the house should be open to new things. And believe me, they will not start a war with antiquated radiology, or with a faded poster of the Moscow Olympics. Instead, they will perfectly live together. Because the "new things" for us one day will become an "old stuff" to for our children"- says Ilya Sazhin. 

During all days of the exhibition Solo Office Interiors stand was demonstrated new office furniture from major leading companies and of course was very hospitable, entertained the visitors with "Buratino"lemonade from the blewered glasses and the most famouse Russian candy "Clumsy Bear". The guests of the exhibition had the opportunity not only get an information about the latest trends from leading manufacturers of office furniture, but to return to their childhood and have some rest by playing Dandy, and Scrabble. 

Solo Office Interiors stand has demonstrated new products from manufacturers such as Martex, Interstuhl, Wilkhahn and Arper. And in a concept of the stand, modern furniture has found a new image in the Soviet interior. 

The office chair Volume 8 by Interstuhl was covered with cloth prints of icons of the Soviet design: tumbler doll, a portrait of Yuri Gagarin, and the well-known pattern of condensed milk cans. Designer, Thomas Starzhevski connected the model Volume 8 with his childhood memories of school, and made it familiar to a "gymnastic goat", sports equipment, that we can meet in school gyms. The modern office chair appeared in a completely different format, with retaining the familiar form. 

In the cabinet Zed by Martex guests could work by the old Soviet typewriter machine sitting on modern chair Silver by Interstuhl. Cabinet Zed was created for modern and active people. All elements of the cabinet emphasize the personality and style of its owner. A wide range of furniture will make the room comfortable and functional. 
Office chair Silver combines beauty and practicality. Every detail is carefully thought out: Silver has 7 patents for invention. Elegantly designed chair has modern mechanisms, the rollers with a hole in the middle, a unique attachment to the seat back - everything creates a unique designof an office chair Silver

In the dining area of the stand was located table Kyo, its futuristic design perfectly fit into the overall concept. Kyo - is an indicator of commitment and non-standard approach to life. Kyo table fits perfectly into any interior and makes it modern and stylish. This table is very functional so it can be used as a desktop and also as a table for negotiations, so as a dining table. The combination of lightweight construction and the massive table top creates a unique style. Translated from the Japanese kyo means "strength." The external lightweight and internal force defined the concept of table Kyo

In the bar area took place the desk based on the Kyo table and unique Stitz chairs. Anyone had the opportunity to sit at the bar and enjoy a real Soviet lemonade. German designer Hans Roericht in a work on his non-standard chair Stitz, aimed to create a convenient and at the same time, the concept chair. Stitz will not allow its owner to relax, but will create a comfortable environment to work in the office. This is not only very functional chair that will focus employees on the work process, but also it will give to the interior a unique style. 

Inatessa sofas literally fenced off the play area from the sight of visitors and created a separate cozy room where you can relax a bit from the bustle of the exhibition by playing the Soviet table game "behind the wheel." Stylish, free-standing furniture can create comfort in any space and make any area more functional. Inatessa - independent elements that create a clear idea and able to decorate and change your home decor. Individuality of the collection is a combination of classic style and contemporary functionality, that makes this furniture irreplaceable. 

In the lounge area the pride place was taken by the sofa Loop by Arper, which attracted visitor's views, located in front of an old TV Record with a favorite Soviet game Dendy. Loop Sofa will make any interior light and mobile, thanks to a modern modular system. It is suitable both for office waiting areas, and for the interiors of hotels. Loop sofa with it's hidden frame made of wood will set the requirements of even the most demanding customer. The collection also includes two and three seater sofa without a modular design that fits perfectly into the modern home environment. 

The bright accent of the stand became the puff Pix decorated with printed pillowes of the same concept, condensed milk and a portrait of Yuri Gagarin. Japanese designer Ichiro Iwasaki introduced the concept of inherent design with his own philosophy and a keen understanding of aesthetics, balance, harmony and practicality. 

Besides giving to visitors unique information of the latest innovations of furniture, a pleasant surprise for the guests of the exhibition became the stylized memorable souvenirs from Solo in a concept of the stand: avoska and blewered glass with a logo of Solo Office Interiors

We hope that guests appreciated the creative idea of Solo Office Interiors at the exhibition Office Next Trends 2012, and also had the opportunity to get useful information of the latest trends.




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