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Circle of Light

2012-09-14 Last events

The 2nd Moscow International Festival «Circle of Light» is taking place from September 28th till October 2nd. This event is hoped to be bright and extensive. This festival was held in October 2011 for the first time. 

Within this festival lighting designers and graphic professionals use city’s space as an object for multimedia and lighting installations. 

«Circle of Light» is a new step in the development of modern city culture. The motto of the festival is Energy of life which is a current trend in fast developing activities of dayly living where past and future changes have reflection in lightening art installation. The interest to the festival this year in comparison to last year one let increase the amount of main venues and also the duration of this event from three to five days. 

Spectacular event can be seen on the Red Square where audience will be surprised by the unique show. As a part of the festival light design competition «Laboratory of Light» was announced. It will be hold together with Philips company which is its technical partner where Solo Office Interiors take part with project «Moon Base»

While creating «Moon Base» installation we turned to Fuller’s works who was an architect, inventor, engineer and designer. His «geodetic domes» influenced late 20th century architecture. The full potentional of Fuller’s pilot projects was not reached and it is embodied in modern architecture from the point of functional sense. The conception of the «geodetic domes» is quite simple. Its construction is hemisphere combines from tetrahedrons. 

Project «Moon Base» corresponds to the main theme of the festival «Energy of Life». It’s time for sweepy changes and innovative technologies. «Moon Base» is a combinations via improvement of past age inventions. 

With the help of highlighting which was provided by Philips «Moon Base» installation turned into real space object with the effect of mysterious future. 




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