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Denis Kuvshinnikov’s Lecture in Solo Office Interiors’ Communication Center

2013-04-18 Last events

On April 4th the first lecture on the subject of Architect Bureau’s Part in Office Interiors Development was held in Solo Office Interiors’ Communication Center. 

On sunny morning the showroom on Zvenigorodskoe Shosse was filled with comforting coffee aroma. Architects, colleagues and partners gathered to listen to Denis Kuvshinnikov’s lecture and share the latest news. Denis Kuvshinnikov is the director of Interiors Department of ABD architects.


Denis started his talk from classical approaches in design, sequence of which is necessary to follow to provide high quality of the result:
1. Architectural concept
2. Interior design plans and specifications
3. Working documents 

Telling about each of the points Denis Kuvshinnikov noted that choice of conception influences the project’s individuality, its stages. But choosing the conception you should not forget the basic rules of design. However Interior design plans and specifications in Architect Bureau is creative process which sometimes is very difficult to limit.


The focus of the lecture was accented on different approaches to development of interior design plans and specifications and usage of modern ways and classical approaches.
That should be facilitated by meeting, discussions which can be a part of specially created presentation which content can be enough for discussion and making decisions. An architect should not demonstrate the ultimate result of his work, he might show sketches and specifications made by hand. It is very important for this raw project to be perceived correctly as current of thought not as a final result.

Such engagement can be effective for small and middle-sized projects but for companies with more participants making decision can be too complex. 

The requirements are quite complex:
• There should be booky story- ideology of design
• Balance between individuality and flexibility
• Office flexibility i.e. an opportunity to reconstruct the office without serious changes 

At the end the lecture turned into a seminar. The audience actively discussed questions which they were interested in and shared personal experience. 

Thanks to Denis Kuvshinnikov for the lecture.




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