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Archstoyanie 2013

2013-08-29 Last events

26-28th of July
Curators: Katya Bochavar, Anton Kochurkin 
Producer: Julia Bychkova

On 26-28th of July festival Archstoyanie 2013 Leaving the Forest occurred. During preparation to the eighth festival the organizers made a forward-looking step aimed to show architecture without architecture. That is why the main characters and participants were not only architects but also artists, actors, musicians and dancers. The spectators ans participants could rethink the space of Nikola-Lenivetsky park thanks to brave and bright artistic expressions.


This year sound became one of the main tools of the program. German artist’s project TWO SPHERES became a rithmic base for the project. Every half an hour you cauld here terrible noise and earth trembling which were caused by metal sphere collision thrown from a dozen of meters. A walk in forest is also accompanied by sound installations: Entering the Forest by Vladimir Rannev, Call by Petr Aidu, Babilon Aqueduct by an artist aka vtol, keyd instrument Voice of Forest by Electroboutique band, and the installation Communication of Vefetables created by AB Iced Architects. 

The main and the most spectacular group performance Leaving the Forest united about a hundred of people, sponsored by Solo Office Interiors (performed by PoemaThetre, idea by Philipp Grigorian, directed by Valentin Tczin).
Two groups of dancers slowly explored the whole park making choreographical compositions. Static project Field Reading Room by Boris Kupriyanov and Alexander Sverdlov was placed at eight different points of the park: by the water, in the forest, in the field, in the woods and on the lane. Offhand reading rooms proved that place and character of reading influence the perception of reading itself. Sculptural installation Plant by Irina Korina reminding urban Christmass tree found its place in the forest.

Previous works got new sense during the Festival.
A.Brodsky’s rotunda became a place of poetic readings and performances. Under the roof in a kind of privacy poets read poems tet-a-tet during the performance PRIVATE (Idea by Linor Goralik, supervised by Svetlana Mishina) and young actors acted publicly with a performance POEMIA reading poems by contemporary poets (made by Yury Kvyatkovsky, Marina Brusnikina)

A famous director and artist Fedor Pavlov-Andreevich used shafted room for his performance HOUSE OF A HANGED ONE. The artist hanging in a net showed how it is to be in limbo between the future and the past without any support. Special music accompanied the performance was THE LIFE OF THE OBJECT created by band STEREOGLIDE. Another reckless artist Olya Kroitor in the performance Without Name lied in a pit below the ground level closed herself with a glass lid looking as a museum object. Anyone passing her by was offered to look her into eyes or sit on her, or lie on her.


The object 2010 Remoted Office special project by Solo Office Interiors changed its orientation and became Kunstcamera. A few famouse artist united and created museum exposition. Here you could find Alexey Tregubov’s objects from his project THE STATE OF THINGS neighboring Vita Buiwood’s EVIDENCE –elegant peonies in jars. It was accompanied by a sound of a buzzing fly which seemed an illusion at first. The composition was created by Ivan Lubennikov.


About the Festival
The festival ARCHSTOYANIE is a unique project which offered a new approach to cooperation with landscape by the means of artistry and modern art. In the franes of the festival mass architecture and art projects are created. It is experimental art-place in the open air and a well landscaped park.
Since 2002 the territory of Nikola-Lenivets has been developed as natural art cluster. Its area is 600 ha and includes several villages. The participation of ArchPolice Company which develops this project gives an opportunity to save this park. There is a camping, bicycles rent-service, cafés and other services.




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