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Mr. Henrik Klausen’s Lecture

2013-09-23 Last events

Lighting Engineering Corporate Group Fagerhult and Solo Office Interiors are happy to invite you to Mr. Henrik Klausen’s lecture who is the director of Academy of Light.

The Lecture is devoted to the problem of modern office space and opportunities of its development and improvement. The World is changing. We are becoming more mobile thanks to modern technologies. Wev can work from any point of the world not only at our working tables. How has it changed the way we work today? How will it influence offices in the future?
Any company is interested to attract high-qualified employees who are able to make the company successful and its brand well known. What can improve the performance, develop creativity and increase employees’ loyalty? Comfortable and functional interior will become one of the most important factors, and light in particular.

Lately they say about making space more human. In modern office it means an opportunity to work comfortably at any part of office space. A wonderful example of implementing this idea is the project delivered in office building of Dubai Airport

Mr. Henrik Klausen will tell about the peculiarities of office space and tendencies of its development. Mr. Henrik Klausen is Doctor of Engineering Science and the director of Academy of Light, and the author of research devoted to the nature of light and its influence on communication process.

Mr. Henrik Klausen’s career has always been connected with lighting. After a few years of partnership with Danish company Solar & Louis Poulsen Lighting, he went to Fagerhult Corporate Group which is well-known thanks to implementation of newest developments in lighting. Having worked for 7 years as a general manager of Fagerhult AS Denmark, Henrik Klausen became the director of Academy of Light Fagerhult AS. His duties are gathering, analysis and spreading the information about light, newest researches and inventions connected with its nature, influence and consultations on lighting conceptions. 




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