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Office Next Trend Rooms 2018

2018-04-24 Last events

Within the framework of the Business & Design Dialogue Solo Office Interiors annual exhibition, the Pavel Kravchenko A.I.D. «Black Background» architectural bureau will take part as a strategic partner in the conceptual design, and will traditionally support the nomination «Space Organization» at the Best Office Awards 2018. The idea of the conceptual installation of the architect Pavel Kravchenko is based on the «Hub» system, designed by Matteo Ragni for Fantoni and representing a cube without walls.


In a workspace arrangement, concern for physical and psychological state of a person is gaining momentum and continues to support the trend of creating an office with a favorable atmosphere. Within this approach, a desk design plays a key role. Walls absence in the «Hub» system reconfigures the person from the open space office, but at the same time, if it is necessary isolate itself in order to solve any problems, small moving partitions can be installed on the side supports.
If necessary, the «Hub» can be adapted to individual needs by stands, hooks, drawers, and wires holders placed in the cover center, what meets the modern trends of flexible and mobile office.
The structural solution of the «Hub» system seamlessly integrates into any design project, solving the functional and visual tasks of space. The «Hub» geometry attracts attention and creates a communication center in the work process.


The second, but no less significant, role in creating a workplace an armchair plays. Pavel Kravchenko made a choice in favor of ergonomics and constant German quality represented by Interstuhl, the famous German manufacturer and direct producer of the VINTAGEis5 armchair. Just come and test VINTAGEis5 to experience all the benefits of production innovative approach.

The color solution of the project deserves special attention because it has the most appreciable psychological and physiological effect on the person and is also a part of the general idea. For the Black Background project, Pavel chose black color. In combination with the installation details, black color defines the atmosphere of tranquility and seclusion even in the open space, which is hugely important when the work process requires concentration and generation of creative flow.
As an embodiment of life and importance of the environment for a human in a modern metropolis, when most time we spend in a closed room and more and more need fresh air and bright colors, the author uses a tree, i.e. a symbol of the universe, unity and dynamic growth.

We invite you to visit the Black Background by Pavel Kravchenko A.I.D. conceptual installation, presented together with the PK A. I. D architectural bureau, Fantoni, Interstuhl, Bachmann and Philips at the Trend Rooms 2018 professional exhibition.




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