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Li‐Fi: future of Internet

2019-05-30 New products

Imagine that someday you will be able to download 5 HD movies in a minute. Every light bulb at home or in the office will source the Internet. Such an achievement is around the corner as Li-Fi appeared. It is a high-speed wireless technology like Wi-Fi based on using light waves to transmit data instead of radio waves.

Li-Fi has advantages over Wi-Fi because it can be used in places where radio frequencies interfere with equipment, such as hospitals, or where the Wi-Fi signal does not pass through or is weak, such as underground ones. Other uses of Li-Fi technology include environments requiring high security. For example, a back office of a financial institution or public service. Li-Fi provides privacy and is not subject to hacking as the light is blocked by walls.

Our partner Signify is the first international company in the lighting industry to offer luminaires with Li-Fi under the Philips brand. The broadband connection speed is 30 Mbit/s and makes it possible to simultaneously transmit several high-definition videos and make video calls.

You can test Li-Fi at our stand in the exhibition part of the Business & Design Dialogue 2019 forum. May 30, Danilovsky Event Hall, 2nd floor.





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