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Light options from Solo Office Interiors combine entirety of design options, high quality of light and energy efficiency. Space management technology is to create convenient, sophisticated offices which meet European standards. These offices are planned taking into consideration traditional approaches and ergonomics requiments.
Well organized office space lets increase the efficiency of work and optimize business processes.
Having light systems from Solo Office Interiors office becomes completed that makes it a high-class office. 

In Office light section from Solo Office Interiors there are all types of office lamps. 

Pendant Lamps
Pendant lamps are most effective in meeting rooms and zones of management work and open space.
Furniture designing considering lighting systems lets achieve high quality of light, create singleness of design, and minimize the costs of project getting bright field wherever you need it.
Based on pendant lamps systems of local working lighting are designed. These systems are characterized by uniformity of illumination in the working space. The combination of direct and reflected light especially in office premises with high ceilings creates beautiful and effective lightings.


Build-in Lamps
Modern office buildings are usually designed with illuminated ceilings. It allows to hide electrical wiring, telephone and computer wiring, air-conditioning equipment. Moreover reflected ceilings is the most cost-effective way for sound insulation and fire safety at the same time shaping modern offices.
For light designer all these systems give an opportunity to use build-in lamps thus to integrate lighting system into general architecture of the building. Build-in lamps are the main part of lighting systems first of all for back office, zones of technical support, corridors and halls.


Surface-mounted Lamps
This type of lamps is not very often used in modern office spaces because build-in and pendant lamps are more preferable. But in many cases they serve the best to solve interior problems. Thanks to their construction they illuminate ceilings much better in comparison with build-in lamps. That is very important for offices with low ceiling: darkened ceiling makes them lower.
Besides there are a lot of collections of surface lamps which are perfect for general lighting when there is no reflected or false ceiling and electrical wiring has fixed place and cannot be changed for some reasons or when there is not enough space between ceiling floor and false ceiling to install build-in lamps.


Wall-mounted Lamps
Wall-monted lamps are suitable to solve the most complex designing tasks. Whatever lighting it is general or accent, whatever tasks are technical or decorative, problematic rooms with low ceiling or chamber in an ancient palace they can be used everywhere.
The majority of such lamps use reflected light and can illuminate both walls and ceilings. The larger the skylight the higher the office will be perceived.


Local Lighting
Local lighting is an integral feature of modern office. Why are table lamps and floor-lamps so necessary in office?
1. Local lighting is not always sufficient. Sufficient lighting increases performance, concentration, decision speed and decreases the amount of mistakes.
2. The angle of lamps’ light is far from perfect. And table lamp is an extra source of light which creates advantageous brightness distribution for a person working at PC.
3. Demand for lighting changes with age. E.g. for a 45-years-old person level of brightness should be twice more than for a 20-year-old.
4. Local illumination is cost-effective and is one of the most important ways of energy saving.
5. Lamps of local illumination combined with convertible partitions and transportable furniture and other special solutions are able to make office open to changes and really flexible.
6. Floor-lamps can easily have not only ergonomical but also decorative function in waiting areas, meeting rooms, coffee zones and president office.



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