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Office Of A Developing Company


Design project by SOLO
Size of premises: 800

executive offices - 350
open space - 400

reception - 50

Practicality is, perhaps, the key concept for the office of a company specializing in services in the field of property management, or development. In both the arrangement of space and the selection of furniture, that important workplace tool, solutions are dictated by the principle of maximum efficiency. For it is efficiency that is expected of a developing company by its clients.

A business-like attitude is conveyed from one’s first moments in the office by the reception desk (Meta collection by Mario Broggi and Micael Burchardt from Fantoni). The light, functional design, the calm, light palette, and the softness of the lines incline one to constructive interaction.

The multitudinous meeting rooms are the heart of the office. The complete lordship of function is underscored by the simple four-sided tables, executed in a constructivist aesthetic (HaN collection by designer Maria Mazzera from Martex). The industrial landscape framed by the enormous windows devoid of curtains becomes a part of the interior space, forming a unified ensemble with the furniture. The sky reflects in the glass tabletops, awakening one’s creativity, while the matte cold of the aluminum frames inclines one to industry.

At first glance the office of the company director differs little in its styling from the meeting rooms: here also straight lines and square forms reign supreme. Simultaneously, as the visitor notices several details the impression is gradually transformed. The warmly rosewood-veneered surfaces, the striking individuality of proportions and workmanship beautifully convey a sense of contemporary chic (Century collection by Lorenzo Marcolina from Ultom). The collection is executed in the art deco style so popular in the 1920s and 30s, which is becoming more and more popular today.

Open space (Delta Metal collection from Moder) is the best solution for teamwork by the developing company managers. The simple design and use of contemporary floating metal supports maintain the stylistic unity of this office, which is aimed at the never-ceasing search for the most efficient solutions.

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